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Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about chiropractors in Lubbock TX. Knowing the answers to these important questions will help you pick the best chiropractor in Lubbock for you. If we didn't cover a question you may have, give Foundation Health & Wellness a call at (806) 687-9355 and we will be more than happy to help answer your question.

What Techniques are used in the office?

  • Quantum Neuro Reset (see below)
  • Advanced Functional Diagnostics and Cellular Healing Protocols
  • Nasal Specific

What is QNR (Quantum Neuro Reset)?

We affectionately call it “muscle work.” QNR muscle work is a revolutionary advancement in the evaluation & correction of common joint and muscle conditions experienced by active people and the general public.  “Muscle work” is capable of producing the following benefits:

  • Maximizing Athletic Performance
  • Predicting and Preventing Injuries
  • Accelerating Quality Injury Rehabilitation

How does this work?

Muscle work helps restore stability and balance to muscles or joints affected by injured or inhibited muscles by stimulation of multiple reflex centers and adjustments of specific spinal segments.  Any muscle in the body that can be evaluated can be potentially treated.

What Can I expect Through my treatment

Commonly patients experience function improving right away. Patients are commonly sore after their treatment and some experience a small to large amounts of tiredness.  It is also very common to experience pain in other areas of the body. This is what I call “show & tell.” Once the body is corrected in one area, it may signal that another area is ready to be treated. Once that area is corrected, then another area may reveal symptoms. Pain medication will not be helpful during this process as it will mask the symptoms the body is attempting to communicate.

Why do muscles inhibit or "turn off"?

If a muscle is overloaded beyond its ability to sustain a force or load, either because of improper conditioning or because of the severity of the demand or trauma is too great, the nervous system will inhibit the muscle.  This is done to protect the muscle from a tear or more severe injury.

How does QNR predict and prevent injuries?

The QNR system can predict and prevent injuries by examining and identifying instabilities in the body, which in most cases lead to injury. The new advanced therapies utilized in QNR procedures allow for rapid corrections of instabilities resulting in improved function, removal of pain and an overall new level of performance.

How does QNR help maximize performance?

The functional success of the body is directly proportional to the number of imbalances that have been accumulated. In essence, the less imbalances present in the body, the better the performance.

How does QNR help accelerate proper injury and/or post-surgical rehabilitation?

If healing is to take place, all the essential components for healing must be present.  In order for proper rehabilitation, all muscles involved with the support and function of the injury or post-surgical site must be functional. A certified QNR practitioner will assess which muscles of the injury or post-surgical site are inhibited and correct them allowing for proper rehabilitation.

What do I wear to an appointment?

Comfortable athletic clothing is recommended.

What are post treatment guidelines?

Due to the restructuring of the function of the body, it is recommended that patients do not participate in aggressive athletic activities.  As treatment progresses and stability is regained, targeted exercises will be prescribed to assist in rehabilitating the muscles optimal function.  Once stability is fully restored, regular athletic activities may resume.

When I have a headache, nausea, acid reflux, or knee pain, what does that mean?!

Symptoms are a precise communication tool created by your body to signal that it is needing a correction or it is going through a change (positive or negative). If symptoms are the messenger to deliver the message, why quickly run to "shoot the messenger" most of the time with medication and not take the time to seek understanding to the cause of the dysfunction and then turn and easily correct the dysfunction with the best targeted treatment?

Why chiropractic care?

Chiropractic only makes sense when your specific cause of dysfunction is found.

Here is an example:

Subluxation is a fancy word. When identified it describes a joint or joints that have fixated and not only cause tissue damage around the dysfunctional area but also causes nervous system dysfunction. The effects can be local to widespread. It is characterized by having pain in the joint, swelling in the joint, abnormal muscle function, abnormal heat, and a fixated joint.  Here is an example: are young lady came into our clinic complaining of recent nausea and vomiting following a four wheeler accident. She was assessed and the correction was given which in turn create a better function to her stomach and the nausea was no longer present.

Chiropractic is about Restoring Function.  We use symptoms as a communication tool by the body to understand where function has been lost and how function needs to be restored.

The human body was created to function at an incredibly high level. Great Health is only realized through restoring, rebuilding, and sustaining the body's overall function.   The onset and burden of more and more chronic disease is a huge problem. Chronic disease develops slowly over time as the body adapts to the breakdown cascade. This cascade is likened to a spiral

Why did I choose to be a doctor?

The simple answer is, when a burden to the heart collides with talent and ability, passion and purpose are born and flourish. That burden of mine takes many forms for the people of our community but can be summed up in the Parable of the Good Samaritan.

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